The current project: 90-day remake challenge!

The current project: 90-day remake challenge!
Trying to inhabit the body that's been there all along

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 5: June 12, 2009

Yet another good day with less and less hunger and thoughts of food, although the SWF is getting as irritating as that woman’s voice from “The Nanny.” Can’t think of her name right now. I could probably go for a full month on this regimen if it meant I didn’t have to do the SWF for another five days. Better yet, I'd actually watch every episode of "The Nanny" if it meant no more SWFs for me. Ugh.

But, the flush does what it’s supposed to do, so I guess that’s the bright side of drinking two teaspoons of salt for breakfast. Grossness alert, so avert your eyes if you’re scared of poop talk: I’m surprised that there is still solid stuff coming out this long after not eating, but since there is, it’s clear that something is definitely working.

I was able to go to the gym today, which is my first time in over a month. I hate how easily I can get knocked off my routine of eating well and going to the gym. It seems like any short or long time away from home will set me back a week for every three days away. So, since I was gone for half the month of May, missing a full month is the result. I’ve got to get better about that.

Anyway, I intended on taking it easy at the gym. . . that seemed like the most logical course of action. But, once I got there, my weird competitiveness thing took over and I did my full routine: 5 minutes of warm-up, 30 minutes of weight training (either upper or lower body, depending on the day--today was upper), and then 35 minutes of cardio. I usually do at least 40 minutes of cardio, but given my unique situation, I decided to hold back a bit and I only got up to 3.5 mph (slower than normal) with an incline of 2 on the treadmill (far less steep than normal). I was worried that if I pushed too hard, I would pass out and get taken away on a stretcher. For that same reason, I also avoided the sauna. Whenever possible, I look to avoid public humiliation.

I am getting really geared up for my 30 day raw food challenge, though I could get geared up to eat laminate flooring at this stage in the game. After the gym, I visited our local health food store and found a couple of items that will come in handy while going raw, like agave syrup (used as a sweetener for raw goodies). They also have bins of raw nuts that I almost stuck my face into with mouth wide open. I’m really getting some practice at self-control. Believe me; it was sorely needed.

As I was telling my mom about this cleanse today on the phone, she once again proved herself to be the best mom on the planet. Instead of passing judgment or telling me that I should get my head examined, she merely asked, “And how long do you have to do this cleanse?” When I told her five more days, she said, “Well, you’re halfway there. You can do it.” I love supportive people who encourage you even when they don’t understand a spit of what you’re doing or why. There aren’t enough people in the world like this.

Another cranial evolution has happened to me as a result of this experience. All of a sudden, I’m much more concerned about buying organic and unprocessed foods. I’m also much less concerned with putting on make-up or fixing my hair. And the products I do use, such as toothpaste and shampoo, suddenly need to be all natural. Don’t worry. Even though I can feel myself evolving into a hippie, I promise that for the moment I will continue to shave my legs and underarms. (But I must emphasize “for the moment.” I make no promises beyond that.)

Again, I’m sure this is primarily psychosomatic. Just as I’ve been obsessed with cleaning the house all week, I’m sure my new affinity for all things natural just has to do with what I think must be happening on my insides. Or, perhaps, it IS a result of my mind becoming clearer and my awareness sharpening to the fact that the stuff you put on your skin and scalp, as well as the environment you live in DOES affect your health and well-being. It’s best to keep it all clean, natural, and as close to its original state as possible. Doesn’t that just make sense?

All I can say is, it’s about time that my lifestyle started to match my sensibility. I’ve been a hippie in my beliefs for a while now. I guess it’s time I started living like one, minus the hairy pits, of course . . . for now.

Well, I’m gonna call it a day. Lexi lent me her copy of “My Sister’s Keeper,” which I’ve been dying to read, and I splurged yesterday and bought some detox Masada Salts for the bath. (Expensive, but well worth it.) So, it looks like it’s bath-tea-book time for me. And that is how I’ll end day 5.

P.S. The woman from “The Nanny” is Fran Drescher. Just thought of it.

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