The current project: 90-day remake challenge!

The current project: 90-day remake challenge!
Trying to inhabit the body that's been there all along

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 12: June 19, 2009

Current weight: 159.5 (That’s 11.5 lbs. lost in 11 days!)

So, I’m thrilled that my little splurges yesterday did not translate to weight gain, though I guess I sound like I have the neurotic obsession of a supermodel even worrying about such a thing (two dates, some cacao nips, and a raw chocolate/goji truffle hardly add up to weight gain). But, some of the criticisms of this cleanse are that it screws with your metabolism and you eventually gain all the weight back. I aim to debunk that criticism since a) my metabolism could really not get any worse than it already is, and b) I am going to institute healthy eating habits for the foreseeable future to combat any post-cleanse gaining.

I decided that I was going to vamp up my ease-out and drink fresh juices today, other than just OJ. So, I started the morning with the following concoction, and it was one of the best juices I’ve ever made.

2 Red Delicious Apples
3 handfuls of baby carrots
2 stalks of celery
1 lemon, peeled

I think it was the lemon that really made it exceptional. For lunch, I had a veggie juice: carrot, spinach, lemon, and celery. I’ve had this juice before without the lemon, and I would probably leave it out next time. It made it taste almost salty to me, and I am SO anti-salt right now.

I was definitely uncomfortably weak and hungry today. The main problem is that I just drank these two 16 ounces of juice (32 ounces total) and nothing else. I really should have juiced every couple of hours to keep my blood sugar up. But, it is quite a hassle to clean out the juicer several times a day. Plus, during the afternoon, I had to go the grocery store to get fruit for a tropical fruit salad I was making for book club later that evening and then, of course, I had to come home and chop everything up. So, I had no calories for several hours, and that was really hard on me. I’m really glad I did the MC and not a water fast. I can’t imagine getting no calories at all. I would have been writhing on the floor in agony.

I’ve never shopped healthier than my shopping trip today. My entire cart was packed with fresh produce. I also got a few freeze-dried herbs (for those I couldn’t find fresh), which I will use until my herb garden comes in. I guess freeze-dried herbs are as close to fresh as you can get. I sure paid for the close to freshness; they were a bit pricey. The unhealthiest thing I bought was a half gallon of skim milk—at Jere’s request. I wonder if he’ll ever get into my homemade nut milk. If so, I might die of shock.

So, my fruit salad seemed to be a hit. Not everyone tried it, but for those who did, I got nice compliments. I decided it was high time to get something in my stomach, so I officially ended my fast around 8:00 PM and indulged in three plates of fruit salad.

Tropical fruit salad recipe (all fruits should be fresh):


Coconut milk, one can (I used canned, without any additives, since I couldn’t find any young coconuts)
Basil, to taste
Agave nectar, about 1 teaspoon or to taste
Vanilla beans, from one pod
Fresh squeezed lime juice, from one lime

Mix all together. It’s a pretty nice, refreshing and different fruit salad. And it’s entirely raw vegan!

Tomorrow, I will be posting my final post-cleanse weight, in addition to cleanse instructions for anyone who might want to try it for themselves. I will also write some of my conclusions about my overall experience. I can give you a foretaste, though, and tell you that they will be pretty positive. I think the Master Cleansers all the world over have a new disciple! Even my husband, who is rather skeptical of anything too far out in left field, said that I looked amazing. He said that it wasn’t just the weight loss, which was obvious, but that I had a glowing about me. I took this as the highest praise possible for the cleanse. First of all, Jere never even told me I was “glowing” my whole 42 weeks of pregnancy. And second, Jere generally doesn’t comment on my physical or spiritual appearance unless prodded. He even said, “Maybe I should try that cleanse.” Will miracles never cease?

The Master Cleanse accomplished. Check it off the list. Next up: the 30 day raw food challenge.


  1. I think your blurb describing yourself is the best ever! So funny!!!


  2. Okay, I guess I'm actually describing your little thing describing your blog (Being Brenda BK). But the blurb describing yourself is great too!!